sábado, 2 de março de 2013

The "Getting Back"

Me: If I could go back to the pass, I would live the 30. March again. I'm afraid of what you are gonna think if I get closer again...
Him: I just wanna kill the miss for a while, cause i dont want to get super crushed again... And in school, i wont stay with you in front of him. he does not deserrve it.
Me: So.. When?
Him: Why are you planning our future again? Its so possible that you change your mind again
Me: Because i want to believe in something. I want to believe that i will behave and dont be the idiot i have been. You know you are my the most important person in my life and i just care too much!
Him: Hihi. And what should i do?
Me: I wont tell you what to do cause... I don't know what you are thinking. Do what you want... Even if i want you to stay with me, i wont ask you to stay... But i love you and always will.  
Him: Hihi. I will just wait the things get back to normally...  But it seems that something is wrong, cause was you that finished all to feel free for a while.
Me: I can't do anything about it. Just hope for the best and do my best. Sorry. 
Him: Sorry about what exactly? Anyway, i love you
Me: I love you too!
Him: Hihi


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