sábado, 29 de maio de 2010

You make me feel so cold and stupid!

An ordinary day like any other. Waiting for something I did not know what it was, but I hoped and expected to happen. Tranquility was not lacking, but I was nervous, tense, full of energy. I climbed the stairs, down the stairs, I run after her, in front of her. I've fallen in sorrow. Something strong chest, an uncontrolled emotion spilling all over my body. I stood, horrified, disappointed. My eyes had seen something incredible, horrible, menacing, cruel, but unfortunately realistic. My breathing quickened and I pretended nothing had happened. Crying was not going to make a good impression, do not run. All that remained was to ignore me. Ignore something so stupidly clear to me, in front of me. I spent the rest of the day quietly, trying to look happy, but quite the opposite. I think the right word would be depressing, finished. She did a bad, not intentionally but nonetheless, my anger and despair fell upon her unconditionally.
it did not happen in real life

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Jojô Granger disse...

Nanda, assim fica difícil hein?? E nós que sabemos muito pouco de inglês (sei pouquinho, perguntinhas básicas [how are you] e TV show [comedy show, cooking show...] e pronomes objetos [me,us,them,her,him...])

bjks! [p/ ler, traduzi, claro!!]

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